Monday, April 26, 2010

Amiga 2.04

Skipping over the 2.0 release (nobody except for some early Amiga 3000 owners saw it anyway) to 2.04, we enter the realm of the purple Kickstart boot screen and the revised system color scheme and icons.  WB2.0 was a significant change for the Amiga OS - it included more GUI controls in the ROM (including a standard file requester), the new color scheme and 3D look icons, support for larger hard disks, improved font handling, and a re-write of the core in C rather than BCPL.

The 3D look was much better than the former isometric look, and the Workbench screens now took on a much more professional look.

Also included for the first time was AREXX, a version of the IBM REXX language that is intended for scripting and macros.  Standard AREXX ports were soon included in major software as a way of adding scripting and inter-program messaging, similar to Microsoft's OLE.

Support for the ECS chipset was now included, which meant higher resolution screens, assuming you had a flicker fixer or suitable monitor.  No longer was the family TV the default display device!  And the preferences tool had grown up, with many different major sections giving increased customization potential.

2.1 continued the trend with increased optimization and features for the A600 (such as IDE drive support.)  2.1 was a software only upgrade and didn't require a new ROM.

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